Increasing Strength – A Struts and Ties Experiment

Today, the students in Mr. Small’s and Mr. Jackson’s classes conducted an experiment exploring the effect struts and ties have on the strength of a structure. Our students first created a basic cube structure using spaghetti noodles and mini marshmallows and tested it’s ability to support a load. Afterwards, the students then designed and built a second cube (with the same materials) but this time using using struts and ties to help strengthen or reinforce their structure. As you will see from the pictures below, the students were really engaged in the experiment and demonstrated some incredible ingenuity in their designs.

IMG_20140110_144300-1x5e6k2 IMG_20140110_144347-1qw346t IMG_20140110_144411-1sl1etx IMG_20140110_144439-2ffiwh2 IMG_20140110_144447-17nbbmh IMG_20140110_145547-w18ee1 IMG_20140110_145931-1jimcdj IMG_20140110_145941-1fwno6z IMG_20140110_150018-2lwhbu3IMG_20140110_150511-1vkhxwqIMG_20140110_150514-1fxd60z IMG_20140110_150906-vezry4 IMG_20140110_150915-1rndn6y IMG_20140110_150923-1u20qji IMG_20140110_151201-1ef0a7j IMG_20140110_151329-22ctyt1 IMG_20140110_151517-2e2cyfn IMG_20140110_151544-2iqfrpa IMG_20140110_151602-28zanne IMG_20140110_151614-1scfnzy IMG_20140110_151640-10e72wh IMG_20140110_152353-1dmtr98 IMG_20140110_152533-2a8qph8 IMG_20140110_152639-1zgqqmz

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